Clothing G & G srl is a company present for over 19 years in the clothing industry and the company's activities are focused on the development and production of garments on the market.

The company, since 1999, has grown in proportion to its financial, operational and personnel capacity; to date it has about 40 employees divided between operating in internal and external chains, internal cutting, warehouse and finishing (internal ironing), administrative and commercial including internal modellers.

ABBIGLIAMENTO G & G SRL is proud to be the only Italian company allowed to exhibit at the Denim fair in Paris and London. It has been repeatedly advertised through specialized magazines such as "Sportswear International" as well as Italian / regional magazines (Marche / Abruzzo).


The company deals with the production of garments of various products without losing its core business in denim and ready to dye in general with a predominance of trousers even if the wearability touched are obviously inherent to the types of brands that are produced, it goes from trousers in pure classic semiclassical wool, from the motorcyclist to the typical five-pocket or with variants such as zip applications, filming, internal straps and so on; we also produce shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, classic, deconstructed and sports jackets.

The brands we currently collaborate with are Balmain, Fendi, Lanvin, Michiko Koshino, Bestmade, Guideboat, Fiorucci, Good Genes, Vivetta, Unravel by Ben Taverniti, Elie Saab, Redemption, Simonetta.

Internal production

The production process is anticipated by the development of the patterns through our internal modellers, starting from the technical sheets or sample leaders from which to develop the models supplied by the customers; through the internal cut and the line dedicated to the development of the prototypes we arrive to sew the garment ready for the laundry; once back in the company we always end it internally so as to speed up the development process of the collection.

We have a showroom with a vast archive of fabrics, accessories and sample garments to which customers can access to take ideas and evaluate proposals that, thanks to our contacts, we manage to have before the same suppliers exhibit at the fair.

For the manufacture of garments, Clothing G & G employs about 15 laboratories located in Italy that work exclusively for us, all located near the company headquarters; we also benefit from the support of industrial laundries, embroidery and printing in the area and beyond. All this in addition to producing in the 2 internal lines with about 20 workers in charge.

External production

We also have a production facility including laundry in Bulgaria, specifically in Sofia; this structure has 90 operators and has been present for over 15 years; the acquisition of this structure took place specifically thinking about the processing of the second lines or those brands that need to have a more penetrating price on the market.

Also in Bulgaria the company is structured for finished garment production (made in EU) using cad, cut, chain and customer service office with staff who speak Italian, English, French and Bulgarian.

Currently we produce for brands such as Victoria Beckham, Paul Smith, Gary Weber, Mac Jeans, Garcia Jeans. The production capacity is around 15,000 garments a day. The decision to realize production in Italy rather than abroad depends on the level of costs, the quality standards established for the finished product, the customer's will, as well as any need for a label (Made in Italy).

Customer satisfaction

At present we are aware that the customer's needs are linked to quality, price and service that must be punctual; to this end the company has been structured over time through specialized personnel and a customer service department customized for each customer, with a dedicated person in order to meet the needs of the same.

During the production phase of the garments, manufacturing control steps were introduced through operative staff and managers with over 30 years of experience in all production levels. From the packaging technician to the laundry technician who follow the various processes directly in the structures (both in Italy and in Bulgaria).

Brand consulting

Through the holder Christian Reca, the company provides brand consultancy service (currently G-Star, Jack & Jones, Tommy Hilfigher, Ralph Lauren, VF Group) on production management in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma .

The service offers the sourcing of the most appropriate companies according to the type of brand and product in production, the development of the collections both on site and in Italy, the development of the samples and finally the control of production. The cost of this consultancy is totally paid by the PRODUCTION company and not by that contractor, through a commission that will be recognized against the bulk of orders. This service has now been offered to brands all over the world for the past 9 years, as described above.